Best Online Business To Start In 2018 For Beginners

in this video we’re talking about the
best online businesses that you can
start in 2018 and we’re starting right
now hey what’s up you guys it’s Nathan
with freedom influencer comm and in this
video we’re gonna be going over what I
believe to be the best online businesses
that you can start in 2018 now if this
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let’s jump into this video now obviously
there’s a lot of different things you
can do to grow in online business but I
want to cover in this video with you
guys what I believe to be some of the
best online businesses and I’m gonna
share with you guys exactly what I’ve
done to create an online income and then
I’m going to give you a suggestion that
I’m seeing a lot of other people just
kill it with all right they’re coming
online even newbies and they’re killing
it okay so I’m gonna you know this is
gonna be a scale for people who have no
money to to start I’m gonna share with
you guys how you can start an online
business even if you have no money and
I’m also gonna share with you if you do
have some money for starting up a
business alright just know that even the
free stuff is not free alright a lot of
people say I want to start a business
for free and yes I mean technically you
can do that but speaking from experience
freez not free you’re putting in time
alright because if you can’t leverage
money you have to leverage your time so
with that being said let’s dive into
this okay and so the first thing I want
to I want to tell you about is something
that is so powerful right now this one
it does cost an investment to get
started with but I’m telling you right
now there’s a lot of people coming
online and the opportunity is still
there so if you are looking for a way to
make money and dramatically change your
life this is one way that can can do
because it’s happening right now for so
many different entrepreneurs and that is
through drop shipping or fulfillment by
Amazon so Amazon FBA alright now I don’t
know if you’ve heard of Amazon FBA but
the way that this works is Amazon allows
people to sell on their platform so I’m
sure you’ve probably bought something
from Amazon well all those stores inside
of Amazon are most of the time average
people you meet other entrepreneurs who
will find a niche and what they do is
they go find a supplier now this isn’t
hard you guys there’s websites like
Alibaba and other places where you can
go you find products they purchase them
in bulk and they get them shipped to the
Amazon warehouses and they never see the
product so you never touch the product
you never see the product you know you
don’t have to store it in your garage or
anything and it gets shipped straight to
Amazon and when someone buys it’s
fulfilled by Amazon that’s why they call
it Amazon FBA alright fulfillment by
Amazon and so you can literally get on
there into a niche market so think of
random stuff you guys people are making
hundreds of thousands and even millions
of dollars in crazy niches that people
won’t even think about one that I heard
of that most people would never even
think about is like dryer hoses you know
you plug into the the back of your dryer
well those hoses go out so entrepreneurs
find little niches like this they go
purchase in bulk or I don’t know if they
have drop shipping to where you don’t
have to buy it upfront but I’m pretty
sure you do have to buy it and it gets
sent to the warehouse to Amazon that way
your your orders can be fulfilled so the
first way is with Amazon FBA alright now
I want to talk to you a little bit more
of my world in you know what I’m into
for Entrepreneurship this is how I’ve
generated a passive income online so I
know more about this that I can speak to
so basically what I would say you guys
and I’m gonna go over a couple different
things is YouTube okay YouTube and then
also starting a blog alright you can do
either or it basically just depends on
what you know what you’re good at if
you’re good at written communication
start a blog if you’re if you’re good at
talking on videos or you’re you’re not
shy to get in front of the camera or you
think that’s something you can overcome
and get it you can get better at it then
I recommend YouTube alright now here’s
the thing no matter what you do I think
you can tie YouTube blogging and in
basically influencer alright so this is
what I really want to stress to you guys
in this video is to become an influencer
in a specific niche alright and I don’t
want you to underestimate the power of
this and there’s a article out there and
I think it’s Kelly or Keller I’ll have
to uh you know I’ll bring it up on the
screen so you guys can see it for the
reference but it talks about creating
1,000 true fan fans alright now I want
you to think about that if you could
create a youtube video or you could
create a blog where you get loyal
subscribers and you create 1,000 fans
it’s not gonna matter you know what
you’re selling because these people will
buy from you because they they like you
they trust you and what you put out into
the marketplace they’re gonna want now
depending on the niche you create that
can be many different things so what you
do is you create a YouTube channel and I
know that a lot of people are reluctant
to do this because they say it’s hard
they say YouTube is difficult it’s hard
you know to rank videos it’s hard to
gain traction and I’m not gonna sit here
and tell you that it’s easy right but
I’m gonna tell you it’s worth it now
what I’m sharing
with you if you actually choose to do
this it can change your life
it absolutely can change your life I’m
proof of it I want you to look at my
channel right now I’m telling you right
now that where I’m going with this
business through YouTube and my blog I’m
gonna create a life of freedom and the
best part about it is now I know I’m
gonna have that freedom to do what I
want and what I want is to impact more
lives and that’s gonna happen for you
for me you know I’m bringing that to
fruition now whatever your dream is
think about that what is your dream what
would you do with freedom and that’s
what becoming an influencer can allow
you to do so how are we gonna do this
alright how are we gonna become an
influencer yeah you guys can see that
actually I am gonna erase this here’s
here’s what I recommend you guys if
you’re just starting out and even if
you’re not just starting out this is a
powerful way to grow a business online
through influencer marketing but if
you’re just starting out and you don’t
have a product or you don’t have
anything I’m gonna touch on that in a
but the first the number one thing that
can skyrocket your income that’s what I
want to talk talk to you right now
alright and that is to don’t don’t don’t
sell courses now why what is the reason
that you would want to sell a course and
you know what goes behind this well
nowadays creating a course can be very
very simple I have yet to do it I’m
gonna come out with my first course in
2018 so be looking out for that but the
reason why courses are so powerful is
first of all people are starving for
now whatever niche you’re in it doesn’t
people want knowledge they want to learn
things and if you can be that person to
teach them something you can profit so
much on that one you get to make a very
healthy income and then two you get to
help people and give them knowledge and
teach them in an area that they didn’t
already know so it’s a very
rewarding thing to do to create courses
and it it’s very profitable it’s so
profitable so number one what I
recommend if honestly here it is if you
want to make the most money in the best
online business in 2018 become an
influencer start putting out content all
the time all the time that helps people
write helpful content like this like
what I’m producing for you and then to
sell something all right you’re not
gonna make any money if you don’t sell
anything and I’m telling you right now
one of the best things that you can do
is to sell a course right now what’s the
alternative to selling courses because
obviously most of you won’t do it all
right and by the way there’s lots of
different platforms teachable you to me
if you want to put courses on a
community site udemy Skillshare is
another one that you can do that think
if ik is another self hosted one so you
have plenty of options you guys just
google it there’s plenty of ways that
you can start and create a course
alright now what’s the second thing the
second thing let’s just say they okay
you already know you’re not gonna create
courses you’re taking it off the table
that’s not for you well what else can
you do and this is something that I
recommend for everyone to do and that is
affiliate marketing alright now I know a
lot of you have heard of this already
you say okay okay affiliate marketing
whatever whatever but what I’m telling
you and what I know and believe to be
true is that this even this can change
your life alright affiliate marketing is
something where people now if you know
there’s plenty of success stories are
making passive income off affiliate
marketing what most people don’t make in
a year they’re doing it in one month you
guys one month in passive income from
recommending things that you didn’t
create alright so these are the main
things that I recommend is become an
influencer first of all because that I
believe that
the most profitable thing and most
rewarding thing that you can do well
what should you become an influencer in
whatever you like whatever you’re
passionate about that’s what I recommend
sorry guys I kind of got a cold I’m
getting over but whatever your your
passion is that’s what you should create
your business in now this is so
important because I’m here to tell you
I’ve been doing this a little while now
you’re gonna come across times when you
want to quit you’re gonna come across
hard times all right and you’re gonna
want to quit I’m like I don’t care how
gung-ho entrepreneur you are right you
will at some point want to quit in your
business and if you’re not passionate
about what you’re doing guess what
you’re gonna be a statistic and you’re
gonna quit and then if you are gung-ho
as an entrepreneur and you know that you
want to make this work you’re gonna
start again but the problem is you’re
gonna have to start all over so that’s
why I recommend picking something you’re
passionate about from the get-go that
way you can continue to create content
on it and get through those hard times
all right because that’s why most people
fail most people fail not because they
fail it’s because they quit that’s the
truth the truth is people fail because
they quit not because they fail all
right so let’s talk about exactly how
you do this all right now this is gonna
be marketing 101 for a lot of people and
then for some of you it’ll just be a
refresher all right but what I’m gonna
go over right now it doesn’t matter what
business you have it doesn’t matter you
know how you’re trying to grow an online
business these things must happen if you
are taking this thing called
entrepreneurship serious all right and
if you want to start an online business
the first thing that you need to do you
cannot you cannot grow a business
effectively without these things all
right so I’m gonna go over the basics to
you the first thing is you have to
capture leads all right you have to
capture leads in your business this is
one of the most important things inside
your business people
say that generating leads is the
lifeblood of your business all right
so the way that you do that is you
create content online inside your niche
and you point people to a capture page
and on the other side of that capture
page you’re gonna give them something
for free all right now how I talked
about this on my my blog a little bit
and you guys can go to freedom
influencer com
I have an entire affiliate marketing
guide on there for free and I go every
over everything you need to know about
affiliate marketing but how do you
create something that people will want
alright and here’s the thing first of
all it has to be for free you can’t you
can’t charge for this thing or you’re
not gonna generate enough leads your
conversion rates are gonna be super low
alright so I want you to put time and
effort into your what we call a lead
magnet this is what people are gonna put
their name and email in in order to get
alright and here’s how I would say you
need to put this thing together think
about creating you know it can be a free
download PDF ebook whatever I do
ebooks and I want you to create
something that you would charge for you
know really think about it put put
effort into this and say I would charge
for this 10 bucks 20 bucks and then give
it away for free
put valuable information in there and
then give it away for free alright so
that’s how you create a good capture
page and I know some people might have
techy questions what’s the software what
software do you you used to host your
your ebook you guys there’s so many
different ways you can do this but I’ll
tell you – alright the first one is you
can use Google Docs you can create an
e-book on Google Docs and host your
ebook there the second way that I have
done for the past year and a half or two
years something like that is use Dropbox
alright that’s where I host my ebook
alright and actually a bonus I’ll give
you another one another one I think you
can actually host on is canva
alright they’re really awesome
I created my ebook with canva and then I
host it on Dropbox and
and of course if you have a website
WordPress website you can actually host
it in your media inside of your website
there with WordPress all right so that
is for capturing leads now there’s a
there’s a bunch of different services
out there to capture leads you if you do
have a website you can use something
called thrive leads thrive themes I use
them to capture leads the best one on
the market for user friendly is click
funnels right now there’s another one
called optimized press for WordPress
there’s another one called another
WordPress plug-in called WP profit
builder so you guys just take your pick
there’s many ways that you can create a
lead capture page so that’s the first
thing that you need is you need a
capture page alright and then what’s
going to happen is you need to link this
up with something called an
autoresponder alright
that’s an are you guys an email
autoresponder excuse me
and what’s gonna happen is two things
are gonna happen here is the first thing
is that ebook that I’m gonna attempt to
draw a little book here alright this
ebook that you’re giving away that
you’re hosting on where we talked about
you need to get that to people so you
need to send it to people so what you do
is you use an email autoresponder
alright I use get response another there
you know there’s multiple ones that you
can choose for this as well get response
Aweber convertkit MailChimp all right
all these are called autoresponders and
it allows you to automatically send your
ebook to the person who opted in alright
so this person opted in to get your
ebook they go through your capture page
they get put in your email autoresponder
sequence which I’m going to talk about
here in a minute
but the very first thing that’s going to
happen is you’re going to
that ebook and this is all automated all
right this is how you automate a
business and then what happens is on the
back end of this you’re gonna send them
to an affiliate offer all right an
affiliate offer you can go on Clickbank
for this you can leverage systems with
this so just go to freedom influencer
comm and check out my affiliate
marketing guide it goes over all this
in-depth for you guys alright then what
happens is you’re gonna send them
whatever your offer is alright and more
than likely they’re not gonna buy mat
right but what I want you to understand
about this whole entire process you guys
is that if you don’t if you don’t if you
don’t set this up and you know you just
choose not to do this good luck you know
good luck to you let me know how it goes
so you know my experience with this is
I’ve generated thousands of leads doing
this in the importance of this I’m gonna
get to in a minute and you know honestly
if you want to grow an online business
you have to take this stuff serious you
know and I know it can be it can be
technical and boring but this is the
stuff you have to learn and if you don’t
learn this or if you’re not willing to
learn this then you’re not cut out to be
an online entrepreneur and that’s just
truth you’re if you can’t do this and
you’re not willing to learn this just
don’t be an online entrepreneur because
this is the stuff and it’s very basic
once you get the hang of it but you have
to learn this stuff so what happens is
they’re not gonna buy the offer alright
then what happens is this is where the
power of automation comes in in you guys
let’s just say 1 2 3 4 times sake now
you can send them in automated sequence
alright now what happens is these are
emails that can go out you know every
day every other day and you can send
these out for weeks at a time whatever
but you it’s all pre-written it’s all
automated it’s already done and what
happens is these are pointing people
back to the offer alright
there’s two things that you want your
emails to do the first thing is you want
to build trust with your subscribers
when people put their email in they want
to know that they can trust you well if
you send them helpful information inside
your emails they’re gonna grow to know
like and trust you all right and if they
if you build that rapport with them and
you build the trust and then you’re
continuously sending them offers they’re
more likely to buy from you now here’s
where this is powerful because they’re
on their linear list you can have this
is another offer this is another offer
you can start sending them from your
autoresponder other offers and make
money that way and these can be
affiliate mark you know affiliate offers
or these can be your courses whatever
you want you you know is until they
unsubscribe from your list you have them
as an email subscriber all right
so you guys that is what I honestly
believe you know this is exactly what
I’m doing to build my business I’ve
built a profitable business where I make
passive income online by doing what I’m
sharing with you here and I think that
the number one thing that you should do
and get good at is become an influencer
is become an influencer because it’s so
powerful because you can build an
audience of people who will know like
and trust you which means they’re gonna
buy from you all right and if you learn
this stuff and you implement it that’s
how you can start making money that is
the my number one recommendation is to
become an influencer by providing
valuable content out onto the internet
generate leads and then follow up
automatically with an email
autoresponder selling product all right
you guys so I hope that you got value
out of this video if you did let me know
by hitting that thumbs up and subscribe
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Nathan with freedom influencer calm I’ll
see you guys on the next video bye for

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